Why I Prefer Jagaban Coin to Pi Coin

Eric Thomas
2 min readSep 21, 2023

The cryptocurrency space has seen no shortage of innovative new projects in recent years. As an enthusiast keeping an eye on the next potential moonshot, two that have caught my attention are Jagaban Coin (JAGA) and Pi Coin.

While both have interesting roadmaps and aims to achieve mainstream adoption, there are a few key factors that make me more bullish on Jagaban Coin versus Pi Coin at this stage.

Firstly, Jagaban Coin has already been listed on decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap, allowing holders to easily buy and sell or trade JAGA tokens. The project recently concluded a stealth launch where early adopters could acquire tokens.

In contrast, Pi Coin is still in a beta testing phase where coins cannot yet be bought, sold or traded on any live markets. The only way to earn Pi is through the mobile mining app or peer invitations. While I commend the inclusive mining approach, the inability to exchange Pi for other currencies is a disadvantage.

This leads to my second point around real utility. As Jagaban Coin has been officially launched and listed, the team is already executing on plans to build real-world utilities for JAGA.

Their roadmap includes games, NFTs, metaverse spaces and educational applications. JAGA also has partnerships with projects like Utterverse to increase its utility. And 1 billion JAGA has been set aside for helpful distribution to Nigerians.

Meanwhile, Pi Coin is still focused on testing its mining and distribution mechanics. The technology and ecosystem are still early-stage. While I’m sure the Stanford brains behind it will eventually build cool utilities, Jagaban Coin seems ahead in terms of delivering utilities you can experience today.

Finally, when comparing the potential upside, Jagaban Coin appears undervalued given the strength of the roadmap and vision. The founders aim for $1 per JAGA long-term.

Pi Coin already has a huge reported userbase, which could mean less upside growth potential. Of course, both projects need to execute successfully to see major gains. But my money is on the earlier stage JAGA having more room to run.

In summary, while Pi Coin is intriguing, I prefer the benefits of JAGA being tradable on live markets, having near-term utilities, and being currently undervalued relative to its big ambitions. I think Jagaban Coin has the potential to generate life-changing gains for early adopters.