What is this Jagaban Coin, Really?

Eric Thomas
3 min readSep 21, 2023

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, new projects promise disruption and innovation all the time. The latest to generate buzz is an altcoin called Jagaban Coin (JAGA). Its mysterious origins and unusual name quickly drew attention. But beyond the hype, what exactly is Jagaban Coin?


Jagaban Coin sprang up recently courtesy of a semi-anonymous team of developers in Africa. Little is known about the individuals behind it, who go by the name Pseudonymous Blockchain Collective (PBC).

The name Jagaban Coin comes from the nickname “Jagaban” given to prominent Nigerian politician and current Nigerian president Bola Tinubu. However, the founders claim that Jagaban Coin is not officially affiliated with or endorsed by Tinubu. The team simply drew inspiration from the leadership and success the nickname invokes.

This lack of clarity regarding the team has led some critics to question if it’s just another meme coin full of empty promises. Supporters point to the roadmap which they call visionary and ambitious. So which is it — an ephemeral hypecoin or an altcoin built to last?


While its origins may be obscure, Jagaban Coin’s roadmap hints at a project aiming for substance over just memes. The PBC team has outlined plans to develop:

- Staking and yield farming dApps to incentivize holding JAGA
- Play to earn games across desktop and mobile
- NFT collections and marketplaces
- Educational platforms with learn-to-earn rewards
- Metaverse spaces for community engagement
- Animated shows and movies for entertainment
- Real world universities and institutions

Additionally, Jagaban Coin is fostering partnerships with other blockchain projects to increase interoperability and utility. This includes mega projects like Utterverse and educational initiatives like the WOKE (Worldwide Open Knowledge) Protocol.

It’s an ambitious roadmap spanning both virtual products and real-world impact. Compared to other meme coins, Jagaban Coin sets a high bar for breadth of vision. Execution remains to be seen, but the team is clearly thinking beyond just hype.

Token Distribution

Unlike some altcoins centered on speculation, Jagaban Coin aims for mass adoption beyond just investors. A key part of this is its approach to token distribution.

Of the 100 billion JAGA total supply, 1 billion is allocated to distribute for free to Nigerians as economic support in the current trying times. Another 2 billion will go to other developing regions of the world in need. Mass airdrops and giveaways plan to get JAGA tokens in the hands of millions who need them most.

The goal is for real people to experience financial success and access the project’s benefits, not just wealthy crypto-whales. If successful, this distribution could fuel substantial organic growth for the ecosystem.

Future Potential

It’s still very early days for Jagaban Coin, which only recently launched without much fanfare though it quickly went viral.

Critics suggest it’s just trying to piggyback off the success of animal-themed meme coins like Shiba Inu. However, its extensive roadmap and altruistic aims point to a project with greater potential.

JAGA could emerge as the leading force for African crypto adoption empowering users through innovation. Or it could flounder like many ambitious upstarts before it.

For investors and observers, Jagaban Coin offers an intriguing blank canvas and its pseudonymous team must still deliver on their promises. But should the execution match the vision, JAGA could write itself into crypto history instead of becoming just another footnote. For now, the coin remains an enigma wrapped in promise and ever growing hype.

The Bottom Line

Strip away the hype and Jagaban Coin aims to be a community-driven project ushering emerging markets into the web3 age through education and entertainment. While its anonymous founders and grand ambitions have invited skepticism, its roadmap demonstrates meaningful intent.

In the volatile crypto industry, potential and plans never guarantee success. But Jagaban Coin’s aims seem more substantive than the typical meme coin. Its commitment to community upliftment also sets it apart.

JAGA may inspire skepticism from traditionalists but optimism from visionaries. Its full capabilities remain unknown. Yet one thing seems clear — Jagaban Coin is determined not to be ‘just another memecoin’. Only time will tell if plans become reality and promise turns to progress. The story is still being written.